Sally Clark

Sally Clark 1964-2007

Sally Clark


November 2001           Issue 119, pages 76-80

The loneliest solicitor in England

Two of his three children are dead. His wife is in jail for their murder. And he's sure that she is innocent. Matthew Rushton meets Steve Clark, a City finance lawyer who must also now campaign for justice.

The loneliest solicitor in England Photography: Adrian Hobbs (c) Legal Business
Photography: Adrian Hobbs

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The full (2 Megabyte) article (pdf) has kindly been provided by Legal Business.

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This supportive article ends with an appeal for support for Sally:

The Legal Business readership is one of the most well connected, influential, and intelligent that any magazine is lucky enough to have. We'd ask anyone reading to utilise any or all of those traits, should they share the mounting concern over the treatment of Sally Clark.
Among the leading lights - in the legal profession and beyond - who have already declared their support or expressed reservations about the case are Rodger Pannone, senior partner of Pannone & Partners, and Baroness Helena Kennedy QC, as well as the Lords Parry Mitchell and David Owen.

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