Sally Clark

Sally Clark 1964-2007

Sally Clark

Continuing case history written in January 2002 by Sally's father, Frank Lockyer

The Appeal Court chose to second guess the jury - a matter of growing concern among senior lawyers. That they accepted the evidence of the pathologist, supported by only one of the experts, against five eminent defence experts, and in critical respects also, three of the prosecution's experts, is a paradox that bewilders medical and legal observers alike. Possibly the mistaken belief that the pathologist was a specialist prompted misplaced confidence.

Equally disturbing is the presumption by the Appeal Court that Sally and Steve lied. Given opportunity, there are independent witnesses who will confirm that they did not. Matters excluded at the trial as irrelevant and prejudicial were introduced in the Judgment, which given opportunity could have been refuted. This seems an affront to natural justice, particularly when the quid pro quo was to curtail character witnesses who would have confirmed Sally as an impeccable mother.

If you find this unbelievable I am not surprised. I would not have believed it two years ago.

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